Christian Education Opportunities 2016-7

9/4: No Christian Education Hour 1/1: No Christian Education Hour
9/11: ELCA Rally Day: Serving First Responders Event 1/8: Baptism Event – Baptism of our Lord
9/18: A Celebration of the Cherry Tree Club Ministries 1/15: Small Group Study – Epiphany
9/25: Small Group Study 1/22: Small Group Study
OCTOBER 1/29: Annual Congregational Meeting
10/2: Small Group Study FEBRUARY
10/9: Fall Worship Hike 2/5: Small Group Study
10/16: Small Group Study 2/12: Small Group Study
10/23: Small Group Study 2/19: Small Group Study
10/30: Small Group Study 2/26: Small Group Study
11/6: All Saints Day Event 3/5: Small Group Study – First Sunday of Lent
11/13: Small Group Study 3/12: Small Group Study
11/20: Small Group Study 3/19: Small Group Study
11/27: Small Group Study – First Sunday of Advent Season 3/26: Small Group Study
12/4: Small Group Study 4/2: Scripture & Food Event
12/11: Small Group Study 4/9: Labyrinth Meditation Program – Palm Sunday
12/18: Christmas Caroling 4/16: Easter Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt
12:25: Christmas Day 4/23: Small Group Study
The Christian education hour will begin at 10:45 am following a 15 minute fellowship after worship.

For more detailed descriptions of small group study topics, please see the back of this flyer.

For additional descriptions on the congregation-wide Christian education programs listed on the calendar, please check out the display in the church narthex and online at


Our confirmation students will be gathering for study during the Christian Education hour. Our confirmation program is a two year program for students in 7th-8th grade and includes Old Testament, New Testament and Lutheran catechism study. If you are interested in joining this program, please contact Pastor Froehlke.


First Communion class is open to all who are called to receive the sacrament. Classes will be held in January with Pastor Froehlke. If you are interested in receiving first communion instruction, please contact Pastor Froehlke.

The mission of Christian education at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is to organize and support educational programs and activities that help children and adults become more knowledgeable followers of Jesus and active participants in our Christian community of faith.

4/30: Small Group Study
5/7: Small Group Study
5/14: Small Group Study
5/21: Easter Worship Hike
5/28: Spring Caroling
6/4: Small Group Study & Celebration of Confirmands –

First Sunday of Pentecost

6/11: Dedication of the Labyrinth – Holy Trinity Sunday
Small Group Lay-Leaders & Guest Speakers:

Adult: Mike Fabian, Charlie Franz, Karlfried Froehlich, Sara Lilja, & Newman Wilson

Children: Nancy Durie & Meaghan Grim (Preschool); Josh Grim & Brandi Hebert (K-3rd); Tiffanie Pfaltzgraff & Megan Peterson (4th-6th)

Confirmation: Martin Rexroad & Wendy Schutzer

All are welcome to attend the congregation-wide programs as well as the adult and children small group studies.

Please note that all Christian education programs are subject to possible change throughout the year. Check your email regularly for weekly updates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brandi Hebert at

Small Group Study

Small Group Studies will be divided into the following classes:

 Adult

 Children

o Preschoolers (ages 21/2-4)

o Kindergarten – 3rd grade

o 4th grade-6th grade

o Confirmation

Small Group Study Topics

September thru early June, our adults will be exploring a variety of topics through Biblical study lead by Pastor Froehlke, lay-leaders and guest speakers. Our preschool age children will be exploring Heroes of the Bible every Sunday throughout the year with song and play therefore it is not listed individually below. Additionally, this year, we are embarking on an Old Testament Study with our children ages Kindergarten-6th grade. Our younger children will be exploring the Old Testament chronologically. Our older children will be exploring a lectionary based Old Testament study. Specific topics for each date for adults and children ages Kindergarten-6th grade are listed below. September

9/25: Introduction to the Bible (K-3rd)

Introduction to the Bible (4th-6th)

Christianity in India (Adult)


2/5: The Book of Genesis: Joseph (K-3rd)

The Book of Micah: Compassion & Forgiveness (4th-6th)

History of World Religions: Islam (Adult)


10/2: Introduction to the Lutheran Hymnal (K-3rd)

Introduction to the Lutheran Hymnal (4th-6th)

Christianity in India (Adult)

2/12:The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Deuteronomy: Moses (4th-6th)

History of World Religions: Islam (Adult)

10/16: The Book of Genesis: Adam & Eve (K-3rd)

The Prophet Amos: Social Justice & Nationalism (4th-6th)

Faithful Citizenry – Christians in the Voting Booth (Adult)

2/19: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Leviticus: Moses (4th-6th)

History of World Religions: Hinduism (Adult)

10/23: The Book of Genesis: Cain & Abel (K-3rd)

The Book of Habbakuk: The Embracing Prophet (4th-6th)

Christianity & Civic Responsibility (Adults)

2/26: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Exodus: Moses (4th-6th)

History of World Religions: Hinduism (Adult)


10/30: Martin Luther & the Reformation (K-3rd)

Martin Luther & the Reformation (K-3rd)

The Reformation: 500 years (Adult)

3/5: Christian Faith Practices & Lent (K-3rd) – Lent 1

Christian Faith Practices & Lent (4th-6th)

Reformation Jubilee (Adult)


11/13: The Book of Genesis: Noah

The Book of Malachi: Honoring God & Each Other (4th-6th)

Mass Incarceration in the US & Social Justice (Adult)

3/12: Christian Faith Practices & Lent (K-3rd)

Christian Faith Practices & Lent (4th-6th)

Reformation Jubilee (Adult)

11/20: The Book of Genesis: The Call of Abram (K-3rd)

The Book of Jeremiah: Judgement & Forgiveness (4th-6th)

Mass Incarceration in the USA & Social Justice (Adult)

3/19: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Genesis (4th-6th)

Reformation Jubilee (Adult)

11/27: The Prophet Isaiah (K-3rd) & (4th-6th) –Advent 1

Mary Magdalene: First Witness to the Resurrection…and

maybe more (Adult)

3/26: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of 1 Samuel: Hannah (4th-6th)

Reformation Jubilee (Adult)


12/4: The Prophet Isaiah (K-3rd) & (4th-6th) – Advent 2

The Birth of Jesus in the Bible: The Long-Awaited Messiah


12/11:The Prophet Isaiah (K-3rd) & (4th-6th) – Advent 3

The Birth of Jesus II: A Comparison of Matthew & Luke



1/15: The Book of Genesis: Sari/Sarah (K-3rd)

The Book of Isaiah (4th-6th)


4/23: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Ezekiel: Speak My Word (4th-6th)

Foundations of Christianity I: The Religious Melting

Pot of the First Century(Adult)

4/30: The Book of Exodus: Moses (K-3rd)

The Book of Exodus/Leviticus/Numbers (4th-6th)

Foundations of Christianity II: What the First

Christians Can Teach Us (Adult)


History of World Religions: Judaism (Adult)

1/22: The Book of Genesis: Isaac & Rebekah (K-3rd)

1/22: The Book of Isaiah (4th-6th)

History of World Religions: Judaism (Adult)

5/14: Morning at the Movies: The Prince of Egypt (K-3rd)

Morning at the Movies: The Prince of Egypt (4th-6th)

Women in the History of the Church: Saints,

Benefactors & Witches (Adult